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CERA Reports

We are the premier provider of diagnostic CERA testing to the Medico-Legal sector

We understand that conventional hearing tests can usually detect exaggerated results.  You may have received the results of an audiogram that has been described by the audiologist as either “unreliable” or “supra-threshold”.  An audiogram is a subjective hearing test and cannot accurately the detect the true hearing loss of the claimant if they refuse to respond reliably.

We have CERA clinics nationwide for children or for NIHL (noise induced hearing loss) cases or following an accident.

We have a network of sound proof booths nationwide and we offer fast appointments with a clinic location close to the claimant.

We have mobile CERA equipment that can provide CERA testing in ad hoc clinics literally anywhere nationwide.  And if neither of these options is viable, then we can conduct the CERA test at the individuals’ home.  The mobile CERA equipment is as reliable as our hospitals and clinics nationwide.


Following the Hearing Test and CERA appointment, a report of findings will be completed and emailed to you within 48 hours.

Established in 2012, we have the largest panel of CERA Experts in the UK.

We are a specialist company that focuses on all aspects of Medico-Legal reports and Rehabilitation for CERA and Hearing Therapy.  We have provided thousands of assessments, reports and hearing tests to medical agencies, defendants, claimants and their solicitors

We are passionate about providing the right specialists for the reports you need.  Fast convenient appointments are available within easy travelling distance with qualified Audiologists and Hearing Therapists fully experienced to provide accurate assessments and ongoing treatment.




Our CERA Tests are concise as they measure hearing loss objectively, giving you pin point accurate results.




CERA tests are carried out by an independent audiologist to provide unbiased, real results.



True Results


An CERA test is the only hearing test that provides, accurate, true results of noise induced hearing loss.






Our CERA tests follow strict protocol at all times and 100% legal proof.

What is a CERA Test?

Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry (CERA) has been widely used as an objective test to ascertain an individual’s hearing thresholds over a range of frequencies.

Adults or children have to remain alert throughout the test, so we would recommend taking a book or other stimulus for the two-hour appointment.

A CERA test will present tones to each ear at different frequencies and analyse the brain patters in order to determine the responses or non-responses. When there is a response, this indicates that the ear and it’s associated neural pathways and the auditory cortex has processed the sound. Subsequently it will be demonstrated the individual has hearing at the recorded frequency.


CERA testing will be conducted over 3 or 4 frequencies.  This will be compared to the individual’s subjective audiogram or hearing test that will be conducted at the same appointment.

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