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Medico Hearing was originally called James Hearing Medico Legal Ltd. 
Established in 2012 in Chester, Medico Hearing started as a small start-up and grew to become the premier provider of hearing, balance and tinnitus reports to Claimant Solicitors, Defendant Solicitors and other Medico Legal Agencies.  We have provided literally tens of thousands of hearing tests, Tinnitus reports, CERA tests and Balance reports since we began. 

What makes us different?  We understand and know audiology and we know what we're talking about.....

Medico Hearing is a Medico Legal Agency specialising in all Hearing related Reports

Vanessa Weeks
Business Development

Hi I'm Vanessa and I'm grateful to still be in this business since 2012!  Medico Hearing started due to the massive wave of claims in NIHL. Medico Hearing saw a gap in the market for high quality audiograms for Solicitors.  Too many people were providing false positives, or unreliable audiograms.  So we created our niche of NHS trained audiologists with soundproof booths.  We are still the only medico legal agency to work to this agenda.  Then as NIHL began to reduce, we started offering Tinnitus Assessments and Balance Assessments for Accident Claims.  

Because we specilise in what we do, and we understand everything that is hearing and balance related.  This makes us the go to choice for all other Medico Legal Agencies.  
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Yasmin Harris_edited.jpg

Yasmin Harris
Medico-Legal Case Handler

Hi I'm Yasmin and I joined Medico Hearing back in 2017.  Originally I was completely focused on setting up our new division of Tinnitus Assessments and CERA Reports.  However since the beginning of 2021, I've now taken on looking after our NIHL work and also Balance Assessments.  I'm lucky to be able to work from home as we have fantastic systems in place, we ensure our turnaround is quicker than any other medico legal company.
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