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Former Royal Marine with NIHL to receive £545,766.60 payment from the Ministry of Defense (MoD)

Alistair Inglis, a former Royal Marine aged 39, will receive a payment of £545,766.60 from the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

This decision follows a recent hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, where it was established that Inglis' chronic hearing loss resulted from prolonged exposure to extreme noise levels during combat and training.

The MoD had already admitted liability prior to the hearing, accepting an 80/20% responsibility in favor of Inglis due to their failure to fulfill their duty of care during his military service. The judgment rightly acknowledges the avoidable suffering caused by inadequate hearing protection for armed forces personnel.

The compensation recognizes the substantial impact on Inglis' future earnings, considering the detrimental effect on his civilian career prospects and loss of pension over the next two decades. Additionally, he will be responsible for the ongoing expenses of costly hearing aids.

Hearing loss is a prevalent issue affecting many ex-service personnel, with an estimated 300,000 individuals living with hearing impairment in the UK. While acknowledging the inherent noise levels in military service, the MoD's admission of liability indicates their recognition of the need for improved protection measures.

This awarded sum will help Inglis rebuild his life after his employer failed to safeguard his well-being while he risked his life for his country. The case highlights the increasing number of inquiries from military personnel facing hearing loss consequences and underscores the importance of seeking justice.

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