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Medico-Legal APD Testing

About APD Testing for Medico-Legal Military Cases

Medical evidence is growing to show there is a connection between central auditory processing deficits and exposure to recognized military risk factors. Current best practices lack explicit consideration of the challenges encountered by military personnel ( Medico Hearing is the first company in the UK to offer APD testing for military claims.


APD stands for Auditory Processing Disorder, which is a neurological condition that affects how the brain processes auditory information. An APD test, also known as an auditory processing assessment or evaluation, is a series of tests conducted by an audiologist or speech-language pathologist to diagnose and evaluate the presence and severity of auditory processing difficulties

What is an APD test?

The APD test typically involves a comprehensive assessment of various auditory skills, including but not limited to:

  1. Speech perception in noise: Assessing the ability to understand speech in the presence of background noise.

  2. Sound localization and lateralization: Testing the ability to identify the direction or location of a sound source.

  3. Auditory discrimination: Assessing the ability to distinguish between different speech sounds or other auditory stimuli.

  4. Auditory sequencing and temporal processing: Evaluating the ability to perceive and process sounds in a specific order or temporal pattern.

  5. Auditory attention and memory: Assessing the capacity to attend to and remember auditory information.

  6. Dichotic listening: Testing the ability to process different sounds presented simultaneously to each ear.

  7. Auditory comprehension: Evaluating how well an individual understands and processes spoken language.

The specific tests administered during an APD evaluation may vary depending on the individual's age, symptoms, and suspected areas of auditory processing difficulty. The results of the assessment can help determine if an individual has an auditory processing disorder and provide insights into their specific strengths and weaknesses in auditory processing. This information can guide the development of appropriate interventions and strategies to support individuals with APD.

How can APD testing help with Military Medico Legal Cases?

APD testing may be relevant in military legal cases involving individuals who claim to have auditory processing difficulties that impact their performance or ability to carry out certain tasks within the military context. Here are a few ways APD testing could potentially contribute to such cases:

  1. Diagnosis: APD testing can provide an official diagnosis of auditory processing disorder, which can support a service member's claim of having a legitimate medical condition that affects their auditory processing abilities. This diagnosis can be important in establishing a medical basis for any difficulties they may have experienced in specific military tasks or environments.

  2. Objective Evidence: APD testing can provide objective evidence of an individual's auditory processing abilities and challenges. This evidence can help demonstrate, that the individual's reported difficulties were real and not merely subjective or exaggerated. It can provide a clear picture of how their auditory processing abilities differ from the norm.

  3. Rehabilitation and Treatment: APD testing can guide the development of targeted interventions or rehabilitation programs to improve the individual's auditory processing abilities. If a service member's APD is identified, appropriate recommendations can be made to address their specific challenges and impact on the past service. 

Medico Hearing is the first medico legal company in the UK to offer APD testing for medico legal cases.

APD testing is offered nationwide.  For a quotation, please email Vanessa on

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