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We are the premier provider of diagnostic Tinnitus Reports to the Medico-Legal sector

Following an accident, your Claimant can be affected by Tinnitus.  Tinnitus can be experienced in many different ways - single sided or both sides.  Tinnitus can be intrusive and cause long term anxiety and mental anguish.

Medico Hearing are the No. 1 provider of Tinnitus Reports and Tinnitus Rehabilitation to Medico-Legal Agencies and Solicitors.

To proceed with any treatment, we will need to first complete a Tinnitus Assessment of your Claimant. A Tinnitus Assessment includes a Pure Tone Audiogram, Tinnitus Functional Index and Tinnitus Handicap Inventory.  A Tinnitus Assessment will normally take an hour to complete.  Following the Tinnitus Assessment, a Tinnitus Report will be sent to the instructing parties to include recommendations for treatment. 

We have Tinnitus clinics nationwide.

All our audiograms and tinnitus reports are independent at all times.  We offer fast quotes with the closest possible clinics for Claimants.  Urgent instructions are dealt with as swiftly as possible and we are cost efficient and time effective.  Professionalism is foremost at all times as we ensure your Claimants are guided through to the treatment process until discharge.

We have a network of sound proof booths nationwide and we offer fast appointments with a clinic location close to the claimant.


Established in 2012, we have the largest panel of Tinnitus Experts in the UK providing the best tinnitus assessment

We are a specialist company that focuses on all aspects of Medico-Legal reports and Rehabilitation for Tinnitus and Hearing Therapy.  We have provided thousands of assessments, reports and hearing tests to medical agencies, defendants, claimants and their solicitors

We are passionate about providing the right specialists for the reports you need.  Fast convenient appointments are available within easy travelling distance with qualified Audiologists and Hearing Therapists fully experienced to provide accurate assessments and ongoing treatment.

Comprehensive Tinnitus Assessments for Medico Legal Reports


In order to fully assess the nature and potential treatment and therapy from an accident, the Hearing Therapist will conduct the following tests:

  1. Puretone Audiogram – to identify any associated hearing loss

  2. Tinnitus Functional Index – a questionnaire to document to evaluate the effects of intervention for tinnitus

  3. Tinnitus Handicap Inventory – this questionnaire will help determine the degree of distress suffered by the Claimant

Tinnitus Hearing Aids & Tinnitus Maskers

Every Claimant’s recommendations for treatment following an assessment is individual to them.  Some Claimants may only require a couple of Tinnitus Counselling sessions before they are able to manage their symptoms effectively and without impact on their quality of life.  Other Claimants may require extra help with Tinnitus Hearing Aids or Tinnitus Maskers.

Whilst there are many hearing companies offering Tinnitus Hearing Aids, our hearing therapists are qualified and trained in Tinnitus Counselling and can give Claimants the support they need in managing their Tinnitus symptoms.

There are other treatment devices to include Tinnitus Maskers that can be worn day or night.

We work with all the major tinnitus device manufacturers including Phonak, Widex, Signia, Oticon and Puretone.


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