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NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss) Reports

We understand that conventional hearing tests can usually detect exaggerated results.  You may have received the results.

Medico Hearing-a medico legal agency have been providing audiograms for NIHL cases nationwide

since 2012.  We are passionate about our services, providing independent BSA compliant audiograms anywhere in the UK.  We will find you fast and convenience appointments for Claimants, instructing our NHS trained audiologists with NIHL understanding.  Our testing is thorough, and conducted by clinically trained audiologists, not dispensers or newly qualified graduates.


Such is the reliability of our quality assessments, and the volume of our soundproof locations, we are instructed by Claimant and Defendant Solicitors, in addition to other Medico-Legal agencies.  Our reputation is invaluable to us and we would be delighted to assist you with an efficient and dependable service.

Why spend a considerable time looking for an audiologist when we have a directory of highly qualified audiologists anywhere in the UK and Ireland available to you immediately?

of an audiogram that has been described by the audiologist as either “unreliable” or “supra-threshold”. 


An audiogram is a subjective hearing test and cannot accurately the detect the true hearing loss of the claimant if they refuse to respond reliably.

The Reliable Name for Independent NIHL Audiograms

We have a network of sound proof booths nationwide and we offer fast appointments with a clinic location close to the claimant.


We understand the Claimants reluctance to travel far, however we also appreciate the importance of the test being performed in a soundproof booth.  Our experience with managing claimant expectations means we can help minimise non attendances.   We work closely with all parties to ensure the claimant will attend their appointment.  We speak with the individuals and explain the importance of having their ears checked for wax in advance.  Then we send them a written confirmation and a text reminder of the NIHL appointments.

Established in 2012, we have the largest panel of NIHL Experts in the UK.

We are a specialist company that focuses on all aspects of Medico-Legal reports and Rehabilitation for NIHL and Hearing Therapy.  We have provided thousands of assessments, reports and hearing tests to medical agencies, defendants, claimants and their solicitors.

We are passionate about providing the right specialists for the reports you need.  Fast convenient appointments are available within easy travelling distance with qualified Audiologists and Hearing Therapists fully experienced to provide accurate assessments and ongoing treatment.

We are the premier Medio Legal Agency providing independent diagnostic audiograms for noise induced hearing loss nationwide.




Our NIHL Tests are concise as they measure hearing loss objectively, giving you pin point accurate results.




NIHL tests are carried out by an independent audiologist to provide unbiased, real results.



True Results


An NIHL test is the only hearing test that provides, accurate, true results of noise induced hearing loss.






Our NIHL tests follow strict protocol at all times and 100% legal proof.

What is an NIHL Test?

An NIHL audiogram establishes if a Claimant has patterns of hearing loss that are attributable to noise damage.  We conduct calculations to see if the audiogram fulfils the qualifying criteria by using the Coles Lutman Buffin guidelines and also the updated LCB calculations.  We can provide you with the NIHL report with these detailed calculations when we send to you the audiogram.

Our calculator reports identify if there is a notch or bulge and quantifies the noise element in dB.  The R1 high frequency impairment states the hearing thresholds at 3, 4 or 6 kHz is at least 10 dB greater than at 1 or 2 kHz.

The R3 Audiometric configuration is a notch in the 3-6 kHz range of 10 dB and above. This can be reduced if an average of two or more Hearing Threshold Levels (HTL) can be used.  A high frequency bulge is present if the HTL at 3 and/or 4 and/or 6 kHz is at least 10 dB greater to the comparison values for age-related hearing loss (AAHL).  R3(a) Notch or bulge must be at least 10 dB.  R3(b) Notch or bulge must be at least 20 dB.  In summary, for these guidelines to be satisfied showing that on the balance of probabilities, NIHL is present, the following must be met:

R1, R2(a) (Employment related) and R3(a).

R1, R2(b) and R3(b).

As a provider of NIHL audiograms, our calculator is focused on audiology element, R1 and R3 and our graphs show the Claimants hearing results compared with their expected hearing thresholds.

Let us help you with fast appointments at a clinic location close to the Claimant.

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